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haha, yup, I bought tickets to a metro station concert. I felt bad, my friend Deanna was going and her friends ditched her and so she didn't wanna go alone. Now I have like no money left Fuck my life. Oh well, I really like the shake shake shake it song. it's cute and fun. I'll try to make the best of the experience.

Speaking of Deanna, today is motherfucking sixteenth birthday, along with this other girls, so there's this huge bash going on that I'm going to head out to after work. It's gonna be really rad. I'm trying to get a fucking hold of Pnub, but she's being a fucktard and not answeing her phone. WAKE UP!

What elseeee is up in my life. Phils been at his cottage for like, ever, and he's coming back tomorrow. ^____^ Hoorayyy.
Stupid fucking guy hasn't called me all week though. poop.

Oh, I  got some REAL chelsea bangs so I don't look like a fucking bag anymore. :)

I'm listening to my brothers playlist now. System of a down. I loved them when I was like, twelve. Not so much anymore.

Im trying to call Pnub againn...ergh!!! (Notice the extra exclamation marks. Its because I'm REALLY frustrated.)
Okay, she answered, thank god, she's in jewmarket. Phew!

I don't know what else to talk about except that I am getting fucking WASTED tonight, I am getting fucking DRUNK!

Okay, so I posted this and then I realized; I had nothing to do for an hour, so I decided I'd come back and add some more random shit that you really won't wanna hear about. I can't even think of any random shit to write down, so I'm just gonna bitch about stuff, because that's what I'm good at.

So there's this hoe on youtube that makes this HUGE HUGE 9 minute long video on how she hates emo kids and wants to curbstomp them all. She reminded me of myself when I was in the eighth grade, for seriously. SInce then, I've come to mature a little bit and stopped being bitchy about people about their appearance/music tastes.

It kind of dawned on me that it's just a step below racism. I know that that's a total heavier subject, I mean, they're just emo kids, they're asking for it right? True, but I still can't shake this feeling that it's getting pretty bad. I mean, the shit this girl said about these kids. She sounded like a nazi , talking about the jews, seriously. There's no doubt in my mind that if it had been in the 40s, nazi germany,she would have been at all those rallies for hitler, because she's just a follower, and she finds it SO easy to hate.

I find that a lot of people find it really easy to hate, I even find that I'm like that. With some girls in particular, I hate them, just because of a few simple things they do that piss me off to the maximum. it doesn't mean that they're bad people; does it mean I'm a bad person because I dislike them so goddamn much? Probably. Oh well.

Anyways, back to the hoe on youtube. She's finding it to easy to categorize people as "emo/scene" and "not emo/scene." When in reality, there are so many different attributes of a person, you can NOT just put them in a certain label and leave it that way.

I like punk music, but I also really like poetry, acoustic shit, tree-hugging and all that. Punk rock and those things are polar opposites, so what am I? A hippie or a punk? I'm neither, because you can't just be one thing, it's impossible. Yet this girl is making it out to be so easy.

I don't think she really understands the complexity of humans, at all, and maybe it's because she's not a complex person herself. I don't know, all I know is that it's wrong to just judge these people so harshly on their style of dress, on the way they dance or the way the wear their pants. (that rhymed.)

You're probably all thinking I'm just sticking up for them because I'm one of those "alternative" kids myself. That's not true. I'm not one of these emo kids bashing her back, not at all, I'm just putting my two cents in. I'm just flabbergasted at the fact that me and her used to be SO similar, I was JUST like that, (when I was younger, though.)

fuckin' amazing.

anyways, let's talk about some lighter subjects. Which I really don't know what to talk about. OH!
Pineapple express! I want to see this movie sooo bad. It's basically about pot-smoking. I'm gonna get really high in the movie theatre parking lot and go see it with Phil, and it's going to be epic. Search that bitch up on youtube; PINEAPPLE EXPRESS!

It's juts dawned on me that I haven't eaten anything all day. :'( 

I should go eat some peanut butter on toast, that shit is the best fucking meal of my life, no joke biiiatch.

So now I feel like I'm all journal-ed out. I'll write more later.
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punk rock hair


I think about you all the time and how much you make me smile. Even though sometimes it seems like I get so mean and agitated with you, it's just my defense because I'm so not used to feeling this way. Everything you do is so perfect in your unique, goofy way and I don't think that I could ever look at you with anything but admiration. I want to say so much right now but not even the most beautiful words could justify how much you mean to me. I appreciate all the little things you do and all the things you say to me, even though I act so tough, I'm really not. You're the one who gets me through the days where I feel I'm at my worst.  The days are so long without you here to talk to, even about the stupidest things, you're just so amazing. You never cease to be so over-whelmingly cute and funny. I love to just lie down beside you and listen to your heartbeat for the longest time, I love to hold your hand really tight whenever you walk me somewhere, I love how you make those little noises that make you you, I love you Philip Asher Deveau. I'm yours.
punk rock hair

Cardboard is the coolest thing;

"Hey, you know, uh, cardboard is the coolest thing made my paper so uh..dance on cardboard."

I'm so excited for Warped tour on saturday! Protest The Hero, Against Me, Family Force Five, 3oh!3 !
I was pretty bummed the other day because most of the bands suck hardcore but in actuality, I'm pretty happy that I'm going to go out and do something that normal kids would do in their summer.

Warped Tour to bring list:
Water (try to sneak it in)
Bandanas for those crazy dirt moshpits

Anyways, I'm gonna go put my hawk up. See you!
punk rock hair

I fucking hate 19 plus shows.

Seriously, I'm really mad at the fact that there are so many 19 plus shows here in Jewmarket. I'm sorry but most of the kids who go to these punk shows are under 19 , and you're limiting the bands potential to find a broader audience by making their core fans wait outside the doors. C'mon.

Secondly, I'm drinking tea and listening to some new Flatliners. I really still don't know how to work livejournal, but I've decided (like pnub) I may aswell just write down the little things when I'm booored. So yeah. I was supposed to be hitting up the mushrooms tomorrow but our dealer is a fucking dickwad and we can't get  a hold of him. And I was really looking forward to doing them too, because I'd be doing them with my best friend and she's a fucking riot.

Thirdly, Im going bathing suit shopping tomorrow and I fear the outcome, haha. I have been doing excercises latelyyy, but my tummy is still not where I want it and so this might be a traumatizing experience.

I've been smoking the ganja and writing random shit.

The boyfriend is on the telephone, I must be gone! Bahah, see you guys lata.
punk rock hair

Fuck the SPP!

So I went to a rally today in the city against the SPP and the NAU. Basically, our governments wants to merge america, canada and mexico together as one country, so we share resources, economy and most of all military. We'd also be losing our identities as canadians, and our sovereignty! so there was a couple speakers about radical change and capitalism, and some random rapper guys, and then we left.

I bought my wonderful boyfriend his birthday presentttt! It's a bong, and its really nice. I also got some patches from globalaware (www.globalaware.org) and a really cool bag from the army surplus store for all my beer carrying needs.

In other news, it was supposed to just me and my friend Brianna going to the city today, but my friend Ethan randomly wanted to come and he came with us and now I think his girlfriend is mad at mee. which I really dont want, because I actually really like her, a shitload.

ahh what elseee.

facck, Im just really tired and listening to tokyo police club and bored and and anda dna dand and da i hardly ever use livejournal, so i apologize.
i'll use this more often..


k goodnight.
punk rock hair

I am fuckin' POOCHED.

I said I'd take a look around this site but I am so goddamn tired right now.
Le boyfriend and I just ran around town, thrifting and walking through forests and playgrounds and all that weird shit.
and then I sewed the holes in his suit jacket up with dental floss,
cause he doesnt know how to sew,
cute, eh.
I am rocking out to some "owl city"
its amazing.

I am determined right now to get some motherfucking ABS. I want a FLAT-ASS STOMACH.
So Im goign to go do some crunches and shit.
In like; ten minutes.
After a few more songs.
(Im actually like a music JUNKIE.)

Mmkay, fools.
Ill journal-eth more later.
And hopefully make some friends or something on here, so Im not just blogging to dear ol' pnub.
punk rock hair

welcome me back.

well well well!
hello thar.
I am Cass, and I am back on livejournal once again, because goddamn Brittany made me do it!
so yeah, I dont' really know my way around this site at all,
like AT ALL.
In fact, I'm completely lost. Great, eh?
Meh, I'll find my way around sooner or later.
Lets test this shit outtt
OH! Okay, so now we're centered.
Cool. I like things better whey they're centered.
I'm gonna go roam around this placeee, now.
Thats if I can get the hell out of here.

Okay, so right now Imma make a vow.
to write in this journal very fucking often.
and write exactly how I feel.
because hardly anybody can see t his, anyway.
Iight, peace!
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